It’s Official!

Hey everyone! In case you didn’t see my Facebook or Instagram story Soul Food and Trap Music is officially Soul Food and Trap Music, LLC. I am beyond excited, because of the research and hard work I’ve put into this. Thank you all for riding with me and helping me— I am still learning. 

First, highest praise goes to God, always! Thank you to my wonderful husband for listening to my crazy ideas, encouraging me and not judging my tantrums 😂. Thank you to my wonderful customers —y’all challenge me and it’s awesome. To my support system— those that share, comment, Iike,  follow and  subscribe it’s all appreciated! Most of all, thank y’all for allowing me to be me! I don’t have to be fancy, proper, or reserved—I have so much fun with this.

I have so much up my sleeve that I am working on.  I don’t have dates set in stone of when anything will launch, but rock with me and stay tuned. This is more than a hobby, I’m turning my passion into a lifestyle. #GoingUp2020

Peace and blessings,
Angela ❤️

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